Helicopter Basics 101 Online Magazine Publishing

They’re designed with the aerofoil cross-section, which allows them to fly better through the air. The shape is similar to that of feathers on birds.

Other parts can be found like this. The tail rotor acts as a smaller variant of the top blades on the rotor. It allows the helicopter to maneuver in the air. The Main Rotor Assembly provides power for the blades. The stabilizer can be found in the rear of the helicopter. It assists in keeping the vehicle level in the air instead of dipping down or to one side. Under the stabilizer is the Tail Boom and it is responsible for the power of the stabilizer. Engine and Transmission make up the core of the helicopter. The engine gives power to the whole machine. The Wheels are located under the tail boom and the cockpit. They help the helicopter get around on the surface. Some helicopters utilize skids in lieu of wheels. You will find the passenger doors on the side of the helicopter. They are located just behind the cockpit. Then, there’s seating for the passengers in the cockpit. Certain military helicopters don’t include them. fc6n9ptf53.

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