Cleaning a Sidewalk Without a Pressure Washer – AT HOME INSPECTIONS

These driveway and sidewalk cleansing tips work for lightly mildewed or stained concrete. If the mildew is extensive or staining won’t be removed after this treatment you can consider leasing the use of a pressure washer. This will cost you far lesser than purchasing one.

It will require a standard 1-gallon pump sprayer and a gardenhose. It should be filled up at least two-thirds full of your pump. Bleach the rest. The mixture should be sprayed over your walkways and driveways to create small pool of bleach. If you need to, replenish with bleach or water, based on the length of your roadway or the sidewalk.

Let the mix sit for about 15 to 20 mins. Allow the mixture to sit for a bit to allow it to get soaked up and remove mildew. After that, you can take your garden sprayer, and let it sit for about a minute. It helps reduce the bleach that can flow away, as well and limiting damage to the plants and lawns. It’s all you have to complete. ps38rfhob6.

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