Whats the Difference Between Public and Private Elementary Schools? – Family Budgeting


The major difference between private and public schools is their class sizes. In public schools, the class size could exceed 40 students at times. At private schools, they, on the other hand, class sizes are small enough to ensure that each student is allowed one-onone interaction with their teacher. The classes in private schools are typically only limited to 15-20 students. This makes it possible to have a higher level of learning as well as individualized attention for teachers.
One thing to bear in memory is the fact that private schools are funded by the generosity of donors and tuition fees. Private schools tend to be able to choose the curriculum that is best suited for their students. If a private institution wants to institute an international baccalaureate program, it could have greater control over the process than public schools.
Here are only a few important differences between public and private elementary schools. Make sure you explore the subject further as you determine where you will take your kids to school. lsz1ffozdh.

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