Signs of a Bad ECM – 1302 Super

The engine control unit (ECM) is the center of your vehicle’s brain. Usually, when problems occur, a lot of that could be blamed on this as it consists of elements that are both technological and mechanical elements. There is a possibility for something to malfunction with respect to more than one aspect. These are the signs that your ECM has issues. First of all, if your check engine light goes up, it means that something is actually wrong with the engine, or there is something wrong in its brain. This is also the ECM. Another signal that something’s going wrong with the ECM is that your car might not begin. If you suspect that the ECM has a problem and is not capable of communicating with the engine to tell that it is turning over. The ECM may be to blame but it could also be due to various other reasons. Also, the engine could be misfiring. The ECM is unable to send the data to the engine, or the timing is wrong. 9vjauvezr1.

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