10 Highest Paying Jobs for Trade School Graduates – College Graduation Rates

Highest paying jobs for trade school graduates After about six months of schooling The majority of contractors in the field of air conditioning will be hiring the trainee. Although you’ll likely start at $33-40K at first, there’s many opportunities to advance in this industry. Certain people living in New York City make as high as $73,200 per year in the field of management, especially top repair technicians. Yet, the typical amount for this type of job is close to $48,000. It’s a substantial amount that tends to be increasing as you get more experience and advance your knowledge. The best chance to make financial returns by setting up a business, as it is the case with many of these positions (especially ones that require manual labor). You could make 6 figures annually as an air conditioner repair technician. It is highly-demanded and has high-quality staff. Other careers are also available to those looking to be in the field of healthcare like ultrasonography. One of the highest paying careers for recent graduates from trade schools within this field is the ultrasonographer. The professionals operate ultrasound machines and offer inside views of a person’s body. These professionals are essential in identifying and solving a variety of medical problems effectively and swiftly. Even though it takes an average of 18 months for these skills to be mastered, once you have graduated in trade school you’ll end up in a financially sound position. Average annual earnings for the lowest 10percent of this industry is $55,000. The lowest-paid people are able to earn over $50,000 each year. In contrast, the 10% with the highest pay could earn as much as 83,000 dollars, even though they generally hold larger capacities as well as more challenging hospital positions. Although you may not earn the highest salary yet, you are able to earn up to $69,000 per year.

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