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Grooming Services

The simple act of grooming is an excellent way to boost your pet’s health and well-being. A significant part of the experience is grooming. You may be unfamiliar with the grooming services offered by New York Magazine’s top vets can offer. Visit their sites or contact the staff to inquire about their services. As a pet owner, you may think that your vet is responsible for grooming your dog. However, the reality is that many veterinarians don’t have the training in certain procedures or believe they do not have enough time during appointments for all of the necessary services the dogs require. Other clinics have owners who would like their dogs groomed by people who have specific expertise working with their dog breed. If your dog’s needs are regular baths and haircuts find a vet who has experience with the breed. Certain vets provide services like ear clipping, tail docking, as well as removal of dewclaws. Some of these procedures may be considered extreme, while others believe they are necessary for the breed they choose or their working dogs. Do your research to determine if the vet you select has any experience in these procedures. Costs of the procedure can differ greatly. If you’re interested, talk to the veterinarian about their rates for these services.

Prevention-based care

Most pet owners don’t visit a vet until their pet is sick. Choose a New York Magazine best vet which offers preventative services right in the beginning. If you decide to adopt a pet, it is important to have a discussion about your first examination with your vet. The examination may be cost-free or discounted for certain vets over your first visit.

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