Choose the Best Pillowcases for Allergies – Shopping Networks

The popular YouTube channel The Tools World looks at what you should consider when choosing the right protective pillow cases.

The pillowcases you choose to use should be natural materials that are not allergic, like cotton. People with allergies often have sensitive skin, so fabrics like cotton will not just safeguard your pillows from dust mites but will also not affect your skin.

To find out the size of pores, look at the tag. Dust mites are less likely to get through a smaller pores. Consumer Reports recommends that pores are not to be more than six millimeters. Also called microns. It is the recommended size.

It is also important to search for pillow cases that have been certified from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA). The labels could bear the AAFA logo or the words “Certified Asthma Friendly” as well as “Meets Certification Standards.” The pillowcase will block 99 percent of allergens prior to the first wash, and around 95% through the first 18 washing cycles.

To remove allergens, pillowcases must be rinsed clean with hot water each week. Pillowcases should be changed if they exhibit any indication of wear, or when allergy symptoms or symptoms get worse. cjw6xby8ba.

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