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The same applies to experts that provide HVAC services. Both words can be interchanged and a lot of people become confused about whether they refer to the exact same person.

Central air installations are generally completed by HVAC contractors. Contrarily technicians offer more services, but they are better at troubleshooting problems in HVAC equipment. They both offer services to a certain extent, but more generally, the services pertain to the repair and maintenance of the malfunctioning unit.

Installing new HVAC units is more important for the installers, than for service providers. They’re experienced in making sure the unit can work quickly and safely. The simplest way to describe it is that the primary difference between the HVAC installer and an HVAC service provider is maintenance.

Installers are mostly accountable for the construction of the new HVAC system, and HVAC service providers, or technicians work on making sure that the equipment is maintained. They each have a distinct understanding of the system and is competent to offer valuable advice regarding their operations.

If you’re interested in knowing more about the differences and the benefits, this video will assist your through and offer a greater insight.

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