Advice on How to Talk to the Police – Attorney Newsletter

Information. More often than not your information provided to police officers is the sole leverage your have. You may no longer have that influence.

Here’s some tips from a lawyer on the best way you can approach police

1. If a cop wants for a conversation with you regardless of whether you’re an individual of interest or even a witness the best option is to go to the police with your lawyer for criminal law on to your side. It is best to have a lawyer who knows everything about your rights.

2. Always make sure you have a legal attorney. Instead of taking over all the conversation and the like, your criminal law lawyer is the one representing you and not you. This is something they are experienced in handling, therefore letting them manage it will help you avoid being brought up before the court.

3. Police can be contacted If you’ve previously spoken with them. Don’t panic and remain calm. Inform your lawyer of what you have told the police. A criminal lawyer may be able to assist if the police don’t yet consult with your lawyer.

4. Never post anything regarding your personal situation on social networks. It is important to keep information in the public domain, and shouldn’t be lost from your actions due to your infractions. 3ev18ubbg5.

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