Demolitions Gone Brutally Wrong – Entertainment Videos

What makes it so important hiring a trusted demolition business when you need their help. This video will show you what can happen if you select the wrong demolition contractor.

The very first instance comes from Turkey. An abandoned flour factory was set to be demolished. In normal fashion, explosives were thrown into an underground area of the structure. However, what happened next was far from typical. The blast sent the building falling over its roof, as it rolled towards nearby housing units. The building thankfully stopped only a few feet. It’s next up, the Danish 170-foot silo. It was near the library in a zone of supposed safety. It did not collapse after the silo detonated. This caused the silo be thrown over the library creating significant damages. The library was not damaged. The last example we will present is on a smaller scale. It is true that tasks that are smaller can be just as dangerous. There was no explosives so they used an old backhoe for the removal of the smoke stack. The silo fell to the backhoe’s top and then was submerged beneath a lot of bricks. No matter how big or tiny, a professional should ensure the safety of such work.


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