Why Are Hackers Nearly Untraceable? – Router Collection

As a cell phone connects to a tower that connects the user to their location as a laptop computer does, too. link to an Internet service company that connects you to your destination. Theoretically, the service providers on the internet could monitor everything you do, but they rarely care enough to keep track of your activities. This is unless the authorities need information from a suspect. If so then they will need an experienced criminal lawyer in the near future. In this clip we will show you how hackers defy this system to stay anonymous.

VPNs are one of the best ways hackers are able to remain anonymous. The VPN protects your data by encrypting and anonymizing the data. In essence, it makes appear as if the information comes from someplace other than it really is. According to theory, it’s capable of decoding but not worthy of the effort. Hackers often create an additional level of anonymity. Hackers may deploy their own VPN to route the information through TOR (which is a computing network. The information will bounce across different computers until it hits an exit point. This data will be nearly impossible to track if the two methods are combined. The possibility is there, however, it is not possible. The truth is that criminals get caught every time.


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