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furnace is something that homeowners do not think about until something goes wrong. If your furnace in good shape, it’s important to have regular inspections. This will help you identify small issues prior to they become major problems. Continue reading to find out how inspections of your gas furnace work.

The technician will walk up to your furnace and switch on the heat setting. If it’s turned on, the furnace will start to heat up, and you will be able to have an in-depth look. Next, the technician will take off the cover on the front to inspect the interior of the appliance. Some units come with closed burners. Some allow you to view the flame. In this process it is the job of the technician to ensure that the flame is blue color and not orange or yellow , which can cause concern.

Then then, the gas furnace examination technician will look for corrosion on the interior of the device. If there’s any evidence of corrosion, this is an indication of improper venting or leaking. When you have inspected the location the technician will remove doors that access the bottom. As a result of safety measures, most units will turn off when this panel has been removed. The panel contains all details about the furnace, including when it was manufactured as well as the name of the manufacturer.

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