The Best Types of Hose Clamps – College Graduation Rates

Hose clamps of all kinds can be used for everything from metalwork and woodwork to welding. The versatile and handy device can help keep your work secure while you are working on it. The clamp can also be used to join the fittings for bathrooms as well as car engines.

While the main purpose is identical the hose clamps come in a myriad of styles of hose clamps that have been developed, each having a different purpose, depending on whether you require them to loosen, tighten or support heavy or light load. Accordingly, hose clamps come with plastic, metal, different diameters, bands, separate housing as well as other types. They include spring clamps, ear clamps and screw clamps. They also include wire clamps, worm-drive hose clamps, and embossed hose clamps. These clamps can be used as an alternative for the conventional screw clamp, but are more attractive in appearance. The primary objective is to keep the sharp edges of the clamp prevent any hose that it clamps. This is achieved by the rounder and more smooth edges. If you’re assembling basic pipes using only liquid and air, O clips will perform best.

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