This Innovative Indoor Golf Facility Takes Mini Golf to a Whole New Level! – Planning A Trip

mills that are scattered around the green. Mini golf is a total enjoyment. It can also get tired with most of the course designs looking the same. Thus, one indoor course was designed that it would take mini golf the highest level. In this clip you’ll see what’s believed to be the most ingenious mini-golf course ever created.

Puttshack, an indoor miniature golf course in Atlanta, Georgia. The facility offers a unique and innovative way of playing mini golf. They have combined mini golf using the most modern technology. Every ball is equipped with computer chips in it, so computers know which ball belongs to who and from where. This is vital because points are awarded to each player according to their strokes and whether or not they hit danger or score bonuses points. Each participant takes turns by placing the golf ball on a small sensor platform. It then displays whose turn they are taking and how many points they have. Similar to modern bowling alleys it displays all the scores. It is a truly incredible enjoyment.


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