The Life Cycle of Concrete Companies – Business Training Video

The expert “Rete Business” tells you how he created his business of concrete pouring with smart business choices.

His business was primarily focused on concrete pouring to pour concrete into swimming pool. With hard work and dedication, the demand for their services increased to the point that he had to figure out how to handle the growing demand. Haverkamp’s first move was to order concrete pouring from volumetric trucks for a trial. It worked so well that he decided to purchase mixer.

The mixer performed well during three to four mixing daily, however it was not up to date as compared to new mixers in the marketplace. Arerkamp was in search of a better mixer for his company, however, he was financially strapped. He decided that he would sell concrete along with the usual concrete pouring process. In time, the business slowly gained momentum, and he was eventually sufficient money to buy two mixers.

His mixer fleet has expanded by a wide variety of mixers, and the company has been successful and has become one of the most reliable concrete firms thanks to a series of shrewd commercial decisions.


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