How The Experts Make Headstones – Loyalty Driver

e’s life. This process can now be customized and may be carried out in a shorter time as it used to be. The production of headstones starts with the selection of materials. You can make headstones from bronze, limestone, granite or even marble.

A headstone firm will pick the best material and then create blocks with pneumatic drills. The water jet cutting method is fast becoming popular since it’s efficient, precise and effective. Polishing the stone helps create the illusion of a beautiful and smooth surfaces. The headstone business uses a variety of tools with various levels of grit to smooth the surface before creating and finishing it upon the specifications of the customer. Following sandblasting the firm engraves on the headstone. They put glue on the stone , before applying an elastomer stencil over it and creating a carbon-supported outline. In order to remove any sandblasting or cutting residues, the headstone is then sprayed using steam pressure. After that, the headstone can be shipped.

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