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lls more difficult, maybe even impossible. Additionally costs associated with antenna repair can be as expensive as it is. They may not break the cost of your budget, but there’ll be other areas where you’d rather do with on. It could be that you can fix the problem yourself with some help and tools.

A majority of the tools that you need are likely already within your garage. They include a drill, pliers and a bolt wrench. An iron for soldering is necessary, but it’s less popular. You could potentially find one for cheap, but if not, maybe making the repairs yourself is your best option. It is also necessary to wear equipment for safety, like gloves , safety glasses and gloves.

It is a given that if possess the proper knowledge of the power tools, you should not try to repair your antenna on your own. Only attempt it if you can do it and are experienced enough. The video will show you the process and guide you to decide which option is right for you.


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