Tips for Renovating a Small Bathroom for an Elderly Loved One – Home Improvement Videos

om. If the bathroom is going to use by an older individual, you must come up with ideas for renovations that will make the bathroom a safer place to use for seniors. Let’s explore the safety features that you can add to your bathroom, to lessen the risks your elderly loved ones are exposed to when using bathrooms.

Get Non-Slip Flooring

The most effective ways to remodel the bathroom that is small enough for family members are listed below. There shouldn’t be any need to worry about getting injured, falling or sliding. The elderly should be able to age comfortably within their homes. The factors mentioned above are crucial for the health of your home, as well being other elements such as healthy diet, exercise, weight loss, and the ability to live a healthy lifestyle. Flooring is the primary concern when beginning the bathroom remodel. You should install non-slippery flooring in order to avoid the possibility of flooring in bathrooms to become damp.

If you choose the wrong material, it will make your bathroom flooring extremely slippery and dangerous. A flooring with a non-slip surface reduces the possibility that people fall and slip. Keep in mind that slip resistance is not the same as waterproof. Ceramic and porcelain tiles for example, can be slippery when wet. If you are looking for a more user-friendly design as well as more grip, it is recommended to consider flooring made of vinyl. Apart from having a resin-coated textured surface, vinyl offers additional benefits such as waterproofing, ease of installation and durability, as well as low maintenance, comfort, and value.

Another option is flooring made of rubber. The natural rubber is waterproof and won’t soak up moisture. Flooring made of rubber can serve as a safe and slip-resistant option to remodel your bathroom. Rubber flooring has additional advantages. Flooring made of rubber is easy to maintain and clean.


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