What Hard Water Does to your Skin (And How to Combat the Effects) – Healthy Huntington

This product is ideal for those who have fragile skin, eczema and other conditions. Ask a dermatologist from a hospital about what hard water does to your skin as well as the products that are able to help.
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All that is put on the face must be gentle and soothing. Once you’ve completed bathing, don’t rub the towel onto the skin. Instead, dry it off. It’s not necessary to put on daily makeup. When exfoliating, do so using gentle and slow moves and limit your exfoliation for three times or so. Beware of using AHAs, LAC or glycolic acids, or BHAs as they can trigger irritation to the skin and cause sensitivity. Consider switching towards silk pillowcases. Silk’s silky smoothness doesn’t cause irritation to the skin. It could help minimize the harm that the hard water is doing to your skin.

Hydrate your Scalp

Beware of drying your hair making use of sulfate free shampoos or conditioners. They can cause dryness to your hair and cause it to look dull. The phosphates or sulfates can eliminate good bacteria from your system of septic. This may lead to earlier than the normal pumping of septic.

Get a Water Softener Shower Head

According to Bob Villa, the average water softener’s system costs 1500 dollars. Showerheads with water softeners are a fantastic option, particularly given the current price. They can also be available for purchase for just $100. Even though they do not soften water they can improve the quality of the water you use for showers by eliminating heavy metals and chlorine which can irritate your hair or the skin. You can also opt to cleanse your face or your scalp in a separate manner using water from a bottle.

While pondering whether you should purchase an water softener Do not only think about what the impact of hard water is on


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