Moving IT Equipment in an Office Relocation Without Causing a Computer Crash – Computer Crash

Ice relocation. If you’re responsible for coordinating the layout, you must ensure that all staff members agree on the same points. This is for cables as well as printers.

Take some tape to mark each desk’s location across the flooring. This will be pretty helpful in figuring out how much cables, phone lines and power connectors you’ll need. A hazard of falling could arise from the absence of or an excessive quantity of cables.

7. Budget for New Technology

As you make a list of your equipment that you want to relocate and reorganize, make note of any obsolete technology. If you’ve got computers or phones, printers or other equipment that haven’t been operating to the ideal quality, then now could be the time to upgrade. Also, you should determine if any of your existing equipment is lease. If this is the case, review the contracts to determine whether you are allowed to transfer the equipment. If not, you’ll need make an order for replacement equipment.

8. Servers for transfer

It is crucial to make sure that the IT personnel know how secure servers in the new facility are prior to deciding to move IT equipment. The new office should be able to host your servers in order to ensure sustainable operation. You can do this by:

Insuring that adequate ventilation is in place in order to stop servers from becoming overheated. Make sure all devices connected are able to communicate with the server. To protect the server from power surges, make sure that the power supply is adequately controlled. Make sure that the server is in a secure location.

The day you’re moving in the day before, it’s important to back up any data saved on the server. Turn it off before taking the parts apart. To make it easier to connect the components at the new place Keep track of where components are where.

After the servers have been installed they are wired up and workstations set to you


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